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NEW! We have added a new Grand Prize for this Challenge!  Agogie (agogie.com) has sponsored two pairs of Agogie Resistance Pants, one pair male & one pair female.  As seen on the Rachael Ray and Tamron Hall shows and promoted by world renown fitness guru, Dr. Ian Smith!

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 Keep On Movin’ ALL Activity Counts!!   

Congratulations Carondelet School District Winner of the Fall 2019 Challenge!    


Week 5 Standings

School District  Total Weekly Miles No. Participants based on a min. 5% of total population Average Miles
Carondelet (n=42) 1547.62 12 128.97
Windsor (n=366) 2002.28 18 111.24
Hancock (n=147) 3047.43 30 101.58
Spring Bluff (n=35) 177.02 2 88.51
Wentzville (n=1749) 6691.63 87 76.92
Franklin Co (n=24) 150.07 2 75.04
Silex (n=61) 516.43 7 73.78
Affton (n=350) 1247.37 16(18) 69.3
Strain-Japan (n=10) 426.93 7 60.99
Maplewood (n=213) 1318.18 22 59.92
Wright City (n=183) 1139.24 20 56.96
Jennings (n=338) 893.6 9(17) 52.56
EdPlus (n=62) 304.75 6 50.79
Brentwood (n=157) 405.06 10 40.6
Crystal City (n=88) 158.06 1(4) 39.52
Bayless (n=160) 585.79 17 34.46
Ritenour (n=713) 1105.28 14(36) 30.7
Hazelwood (n=2442) 2797.78 82(122) 22.93
Webster Groves (n=563) 563.12 9(28) 20.11
Riverview (n=645) 534.8 7(32) 16.71
Lift For Life Ac (n=77) 17.63 2(4) 8.82
Lafayette Prep Ac (n=30) 0 0 0
VICC 0 0 0

Week 4 Winners

Mark Dace beginning Strain-Japan  FitBit
Chris Baker beginning Maplewood  FitBit
Stephanie Waites intermediate Crystal City  FitBit
Trudi Sanders intermediate Affton Socks
Heather Kastanas beginning Carondelet  Socks
Christine Rose intermediate Carondelet  Socks
Krista Dunn advanced Hancock  Socks
nancy lee beginning Hazelwood  Socks
Samantha Smith beginning Maplewood  Socks
Richard Welch beginning Wentzville  Socks
Cheryl McDonald intermediate Wentzville  Socks
John Schulte advanced Wentzville  Socks
John Schulte advanced Wentzville  Socks
Whitney Bouchard intermediate Windsor  Socks

Fall 2019 Winner Gallery

Joe Hays            Kim Hairston      Pheobe McVey  Kris Ricks       Megan Walsh  Bre Chenault Liz Edmunson

Liz Stevens      Erica Peyton        Jolene Moeser    Kelly Hackworth Lilly Cole      Mara Hamilton


Nancy Stonsifer    Markiesh Miliken Nicole Stroup   Rachel Watson    Stacy Lanious


Spring 2019 Winner Gallery

Annette Readnour        Kara Sanders                Nicole Yahl                  Bonnie Luna                 Sheri Lawson               Ashley Bonine               

Marjy Schneider            Michael Black              Angela Winkelman       Jennifer Granicke        Michelle Grasshoff

Spring 2020 Challenge Rules: 

The district with the most activity miles (averaged) logged at the end of this 6 week Challenge, from January 13th through February wins possession of the traveling Winged Foot Trophy along with bragging rights!

  • Total miles are based on the average of all district participants each week during the 6 week Challenge, this allows smaller districts to compete with the larger districts.  Note: each district's miles are calculated using a minimum of 5% of district member population.  If 5% are not registered, weekly miles will be calculated using the number that equals 5%.

  • Each week a drawing will be conducted for participants that log their activity to win 1 of 3: FitBit Inspires AND 1 of 10 Pairs of Running Socks! 

Here's How To Win:

Everyone has an opportunity to be eligible for one of the Grand Prize drawings!  At the end of the 6 weeks, individuals in each participation level who have logged the following activity miles qualify for the drawing:

Beginners:             Log activity miles equivalent to walking (110 miles),

Intermediate:       Log activity miles equivalent to walking (170 miles),

Advanced:          Log activity miles equivalent to walking (250 miles).

Note: Participants cannot drop to a lower activity level if you have participated in a higher level in any past Challenges.

Who Can Participate:

All district employees are eligible to participate and log your activity.  However, you must be enrolled in the school’s medical plan to be eligible for prizes.

How To Participate:

Register at: trustwellnessactivitychallenge.com  Click on “Register” if you have not participated in the past, or “Sign In” if you have. NOTE: You can register to participate at any time during the Challenge and still be eligible for prizes.


By registering to participate in the TrustWellness District Activity Challenge you agree to allow the CSD Insurance Trust’s TrustWellness Program to photograph, videotape, and use your name, and to use such media for any and all purposes including advertising, print publications, public relations displays, posters, and promotional displays in public venues.  There is no financial compensation for the use of the media.  It is understood that this consent remains valid until I withdraw my consent in writing and I hereby release The CSD Insurance Trust from any and all claims that may arise out of the use of such media.  See our TrustWellness Program Notice at csdinsurancetrust.com.